Indians traditionally reside in rural or semi-urban areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. One study was published in German. Subsequent adjustments will be made for potential confounding variables as necessary, such as baseline parameters that may vary between groups. This is due to increasing type 2 diabetes mellitus burden and poor accessibility to public healthcare facilities. Most assessment methods evaluated core knowledge, attitudes, and clinical skills in isolation. The author(s) of this work have nothing to disclose. Attitudes of nurse and physician trainees towards an interprofessional simulated education experience on pain. Lancet 2010;376:1923–58. The main inclusion criteria for this review were as follows: All articles selected were analysed according to the following headings: Details of study (name of first author; date of publication; university/institution; country of study; study population; and course); study purpose; assessment instrument development (eg, relationship to education course content, published literature, and IASP curriculum); level of assessment; method of assessment; pain medicine topics assessed; psychometric properties of the instrument (eg, validity and reliability); and domains of learning measured. [14]. Gatchel RJ, Okifuji A. Evidence-based scientific data documenting the treatment and cost-effectiveness of comprehensive pain programs for chronic nonmalignant pain. Indian Council of Medical Research. After the 6-month training phase, an evaluation will occur. Anesthesiology 2013;118:934–44. Data on the confounding factors including sex, literacy, distance from the health centre, marital status will be collected at baseline. Competency-based education focuses on defining learning outcomes that can be measured to determine mastery of a specified competency upon graduation.54 These learning outcomes influence the core educational activities of teaching, learning, and assessment.57, Robust assessment and documentation of student expertise is integral for the effective implementation of competency-based medical education.74 Assessment in medical education can be defined as the processes used to make judgements about the achievements of students over a course of study.59 Important changes have been made to methods of assessment of medical students over the last 5 decades.102 Historically, assessments were designed to determine students' performance through an end of year examination. Adjusting the same for a dropout rate of 20%, we get n as 147 per cluster group, i.e. Using Miller's pyramid of clinical competence, assessment methods can be classified in terms of what level of competence they require of the student such as knows, knows how, shows how, and does.82 Most studies (80%) in this review assessed “knows”—straight factual recall of knowledge using MCQs and short answer tests, and “knows how”—the application of knowledge to problem-solving and decision-making using written assignments, oral questioning, and development of management plans. The same tools would also be used for baseline collection. The use of multiple approaches over time can compensate for deficits in any one method.32 Three studies stood out as examples of multifaceted evaluation of the effectiveness of pain education modules by assessing the 3 main domains of learning, that is, knowledge, attitudes, and skills.9,63,85 Further work is needed to encourage medical schools to implement similar multidimensional assessments and adapt the tools to their unique local situations. [113]. [2] Shipton EE, Bate F, Garrick R, Steketee C, Shipton EA, Visser EJ. [18]. f. The intervention will attempt to facilitate a change in the clinical competence of the health worker undergoing training. Community health workers for non- communicable diseases prevention and control in developing countries: Evidence and implications. Visser, C. Steketee, F. Bate: study concept, analysis and interpretation of data, and drafting of manuscript. E-learning module on chronic low back pain in older adults: evidence of effect on medical student objective structured clinical examination performance. [129]. Lippincott Journals Subscribers, use your username or email along with your password to log in. Please try after some time. Competence is a legal term that can be defined as being “duly qualified: having sufficient, capacity, ability or authority” — in practice it requires health professionals to perform a functional test of competence to examine the ability of the particular patient to consent to the specific treatment being offered. It can easily examine differences between the trial groups at all time points and can accommodate potential confounders. Lekoubou A, Awah P, Fezeu L, et al. PAIN 2005;115:234–7. Medical and nursing students collaborated to develop a best-practice pain management plan for 2 case studies.34 A scoring checklist for the interprofessional pain management plans was used to assess and compare learning outcomes between student groups. Consequently, the aim of this review was to identify and summarise the literature regarding methods for assessing pain medicine competencies in medical students. Stages and transitions in. Lockyer J, Carraccio C, Chan MK, Hart D, Smee S, Touchie C, Holmboe ES, Frank JR. a. Validation of the Revised Brief Diabetes Knowledge Test (DKT2). Footer Info Blocks About. The study has not received any external funding but has only received internal funding from the host institution, the Indian Institute of Public Health Hyderabad. Mohan S, Jarhyan P, Ghosh S, et al. A combination of both paper-based and practical score will elucidate the change in the competence of the health workers. Written exercises, in particular, MCQs were the most common method used to assess medical students' knowledge and attitudes of pain medicine. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Modification and validation of the Revised Diabetes Knowledge Scale. Your account has been temporarily locked due to incorrect sign in attempts and will be automatically unlocked in The authors acknowledge the support provided by researchers from Pushpagiri Vitreoretinal Institute, namely: R. Govindhari, Dr Vijaykiran & Dr Bala Vidyadhar MS for their administrative support in obtaining necessary permissions for the sites of the study. Robust assessment of student expertise is integral for effective implementation of competency-based medical education. Hunter JP, Stinson J, Campbell F, Stevens B, Wagner SJ, Simmons B, White M, van Wyk M. A novel pain interprofessional education strategy for trainees: assessing impact on interprofessional competencies and pediatric pain knowledge. Eur J Pain 2006;10:287–333. org/10.1016/S0140-6736(16)31679-8,,,,, MD_2020_10_10_GUDLAVLLETI_MD-D-20-09025_SDC1.docx; [Word] (14 KB), MD_2020_10_10_GUDLAVLLETI_MD-D-20-09025_SDC2.docx; [Word] (13 KB), Evaluation of competence training for the minimally trained health worker in type 2 diabetes: A cluster randomized controlled trial, Articles in PubMed by Anirudh Gaurang Gudlavalleti, MA, Articles in Google Scholar by Anirudh Gaurang Gudlavalleti, MA, Other articles in this journal by Anirudh Gaurang Gudlavalleti, MA. Assessments were predominantly undertaken using written tests or clinical simulation methods. Pain Med 2011;12:854–63. Lippincott Journals Subscribers, use your username or email along with your password to log in. This model is more potent than the repeated measures analysis of variance. A qualitative analysis of medical and nursing faculty and students' knowledge of and attitudes to cancer pain management. [51]. Our work may contribute to TCM education in China. Manalo MFC. Type 2 diabetes mellitus results in high mortality and morbidity globally. Data were gathered using post-training … If any qualitative aspect is added at a later stage (like a case study), it will only be done with the participant's consent. New Delhi: Indian Council of Medical Research; 2018. [6]. [15]. Med Teach 1999;21:7–14. [30]. [56]. J Palliat Med 2012;15:978–83. van den Beuken-van Everdingen MH, de Rijke JM, Kessels AG, Schouten HC, van Kleef M, Patijn J. Medical students' knowledge and attitude toward cancer pain management in Saudi Arabia. 30 mins. Registered users can save articles, searches, and manage email alerts. Frenk J, Chen L, Bhutta ZA, Cohen J, Crisp N, Evans T, Fineberg H, Garcia P, Ke Y, Kelley P, Kistnasamy B, Meleis A, Naylor D, Pablos-Mendez A, Reddy S, Scrimshaw S, Sepulveda J, Serwadda D, Zurayk H. Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world. [114]. Prevalência e características de dor em pacientes internados em hospital português. CBME is a different model from traditional education where the emphasis has been … Please try again soon. Kaki AM. Resources: Anirudh Gaurang Gudlavalleti, GR Babu, OCP van Schayck. Most of these existing instruments were developed before 2005 (n = 17 89%). Secondary hand-searching of reference lists and relevant publications known to the researcher identified 3 further studies, which were also included. [28]. Your message has been successfully sent to your colleague. BMJ Open 2015;5:e006984. Aponte J. Diabetes Training for Community Health Workers. [11]. Rationale and design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effects of a community health worker–based program for cardiovascular risk factor control in, [25]. The training module will include the following topics[3,28]: The module will be collated using the available modules which were developed and published by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Indian Council of Medical Research operational guidelines, The National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke operational guidelines and literature from Indian Institute of Public Health-Hyderabad & Public Health Foundation of India. Lisa Graves, MD CCFP FCFP. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Emke AR, Cheng S, Dufault C, Cianciolo AT, Musick D, Richards B, Violato C. Developing professionalism via multisource feedback in team-based learning. 2020;99:44(e22959). Pain Med 2015;16:291–300. International Association for the Study of Pain. That’s why these … WMA resolution on task shifting from the medical profession. Four studies referenced published schemes that describe educational competencies in more detail.9,34,90,132 Only one study cited the core competencies for pain management for prelicensure health professionals published in 2013 by Fishman et al.41 Two other schemes were referenced: namely, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education1 core competencies and the Educating Future Physicians in Palliative and End-of-Life Care2 core competencies both of which were adapted for use in a pain medicine setting. Argyra E, Siafaka I, Moutzouri A, Papadopoulos V, Rekatsina M, Vadalouca A, Theodoraki K. How does an undergraduate pain course influence future physicians' awareness of chronic pain concepts? [28]. New Delhi: Macrographics; 2011. National Health Mission; 2016. Their willingness to be facilitators will also be an important factor for their selection. All health workers will be screened for eligibility based on the following inclusion criteria[5,18,19]: Cluster sampling method will be utilized for the study. Standard setting is the process adopted to define levels of proficiency, typically but not limited to agreement on a defensible pass score.86 Although standard setting is generally accepted as good practice in medical education, only 5 studies (12%) gave details of a defined standard of competence (eg, pass/fail) to evaluate the students' knowledge, attitude, or clinical skills.63,76,85,110,127, Table 3 provides information on the methods used in the studies to assess pain medicine competencies. Ongoing competency evaluation Assessing competency in a changing or expanding role (e.g., in the implementation of new procedures or technology) To develop a set of criteria for physicians and administrators to evaluate that the necessary components of a medical physics competency program are present and are reviewed annually. BMC Res Notes 2015;8:592. Wolters Kluwer Health b. The study will measure changes in healthcare worker competence levels related to type 2 diabetes mellitus and complications. Mezei L, Murinson BB, Johns Hopkins Pain Curriculum Development T. Pain education in North American medical schools. Knowledge of pain mechanisms and management in recent medical graduates. Dominick C, Blyth F, Nicholas M. Patterns of chronic pain in the New Zealand population. All the data will be collected from both the arms at pre-specified intervals. Clinical pharmacology was the most commonly assessed topic (n = 31; 76%), which included opioids (n = 22; 71%), adjuvant analgesics (n = 4; 13%), local anaesthetics (n = 2; 7%), and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (n = 2; 7%). King, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Educational Policy and Administration at the University of Minnesota where she serves as the Director of Graduate Studies and Coordinator of the Evaluation Studies Program. Prevalence of pain in patients with cancer: a systematic, [123]. Downing SM, Haladyna TM. Most assessments were performed for low-stakes summative purposes and did not reflect contemporary theories of assessment. Please try again soon. Medical knowledge is one competency that is most important to a physician’s practice. Available at: [67]. Wijnen-Meijer M, Burdick W, Alofs L, Burgers C, ten Cate O. Hence, an innovative and feasible strategy is needed to improve access for efficient type 2 diabetes mellitus screening and management. [62]. It determines how the patient assimilates the necessary information into the decision-making process.20 The ability to manipulate information rationally requires the capacity to use logical processes to compare the benefits and risks of various treatment options. Faculty of, [99]. to maintaining your privacy and will not share your personal information without A clear example of assessment tools becoming outdated was demonstrated in the area of opioid prescription for pain. All registration fields are required. A description of the training schedule of health workers in the intervention group. For information on cookies and how you can disable them visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The registration number is: IIPHH/TRCIEC/218/2020. [13]. [4]. Biggs J. In particular, the following questions were addressed: These data will be used to develop a framework for the rigorous assessment of pain medicine competencies for medical students. For immediate assistance, contact Customer Service: The trainers will be chosen based on prior knowledge of type 2 diabetes mellitus and prior teaching experience of evidence-based medicine in community health programs. It allows for planning and recording of continuous and frequent assessments, and the sequencing of assessments in terms of level of learning. From aggregation to interpretation: how assessors judge complex data in a competency-based portfolio. Drawing from literature on the discourses of wellness and competence in medical education, they argue that operationalizing wellness as a physician competency holds profound implications for curricula, admissions, evaluation, and licensure. your express consent. [74]. The work cannot be changed in any way or used commercially without permission from the journal. Frank JR, Snell LS, Cate OT, Holmboe ES, Carraccio C, Swing SR, Harris P, Glasgow NJ, Campbell C, Dath D, Harden RM, Iobst W, Long DM, Mungroo R, Richardson DL, Sherbino J, Silver I, Taber S, Talbot M, Harris KA. The evaluation mechanism will be identical in both the control and the intervention arms (, NCD's and their prevalence in rural areas, Importance of prevention, early detection and management, Signs and symptoms and basic pathology of diabetes, Key Skills- Using risk assessment tools, generating awareness history taking, behavior counseling, Screening, Measurement of blood glucose (using glucometer), Follow-up & its importance: Motivation for follow-up, Motivation & Support for lifestyle changes, community meetings, patient support groups, continuity of care. N Z Med J 2011;124:63–76. Available at: [68]. This set of OMEC obesity‐focused competencies is the first evaluation tool developed to be used within undergraduate and graduate medical training programs for both formative and summative assessments. Flor H, Turk DC. [88]. It will ensure a comprehensive evaluation of all the components on which training will be provided (Table 1). South Med J 2000;93:472–8. Medical students' attitudes toward pain and the use of opioid analgesics: implications for changing medical school curriculum. ICMR Guidelines for Management of Type 2 Diabetes 2018. The IASP core curriculum for medical students was used to benchmark the pain content topics that were evident in the reviewed studies.67. Hence, timely diagnosis/screening and management need to be scaled up in the country. Studies assessed the following pain medicine domains: knowledge (n = 24; 59%), attitudes of medical students towards patients in pain and to the discipline of pain medicine (n = 23; 56%), and clinical skills necessary for the practice of pain medicine (n = 14; 34%) (Table 4). [97]. [15]. All authors have given their consent for publication of the protocols. Single best answer format of the MCQ was used in 11 studies6,9,12,24,68,85,88,90,94,95,101 and 10 studies used the true/false format.3,12,50,63,68,76,90,118,125,132 Likert rating scales were used to measure pain-related knowledge and attitudes, and the number of response options in the rating scales ranged from 3 to 7. PLoS One 2014;9:1–9. [2] Estimates also indicate around 42.2 million Indians currently living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. UDAY: A comprehensive diabetes and hypertension prevention and management program in. First, 8 health centers will be chosen from the Hyderabad & Rangareddy districts and will further be then randomized as clusters into either the intervention or the control arms. In part, this reflects the low priority given by medical schools to the delivery of pain medicine education internationally. Health workers employed as accredited social health activists. Information on the psychometric properties of instruments used was not provided in 13 studies (32%).9,12,24,46,85,88,90,92,94,95,120,128,132. [101]. Some error has occurred while processing your request. 800-638-3030 (within USA), 301-223-2300 (international). [77]. If not the best, then at least someone who’s competent enough to be able to perform the procedure right. Haq I, Fuller J, Dacre J. This phase involves, identification of the study areas, the needs assessment with important stakeholders in these study areas and the designing and validation of the training module. The reliability and validity of our evaluation tool were testified. Entries were considered as students' perceptions of pain encounters if they included expressions of thoughts and feelings engendered by pain-related clinical experiences.25 The journal entries were coded and recoded using an iterative process.25, The OSCE was used in 8 studies,55,56,73,101,108–110,127 primarily to assess clinical skills (88%), but also to assess knowledge (37%)55,108,109 and attitude to pain (13%).101 One OSCE focussed primarily on regional anaesthesia techniques,55 2 studies assessed clinical competence in the area of cancer pain management,108,109 and 2 studies assessed clinical skills in examining chronic low-back pain.56,127 The number of OSCE stations ranged from 1 to 10, with a median of 3. Ameringer S, Fisher D, Sreedhar S, Ketchum JM, Yanni L. Pediatric pain management education in medical students: impact of a web-based module. To train the health workers in competency-based training for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Portenoy RK, Foley KM. [8]. What can we learn from first—year medical students' perceptions of pain in the primary care setting? Three studies did not report the number of questions in the assessment tool. Ussher WBG, Earl K. “Summative” and “formative”: Confused by the, [122]. General Medical Council. Fabbian F, De Giorgi A, Pala M, Mallozzi Menegatti A, Gallerani M, Manfredini R. Pain prevalence and management in an internal medicine setting in Italy. Example of assessment tools was poorly addressed in general explained as the “ possession requisite... Customer Service: 800-638-3030 ( within USA ), 301-223-2300 ( international ) [ in ]! Treatment and cost-effectiveness of comprehensive pain medicine competencies in “ real-world ” settings favours formative opportunities. Diabetes management ; diabetes management ; diabetes training ; India with type 2 diabetes.... Medicine education internationally be trying to access this site from a secured browser on wards!, with knowledge and/or skills assessed throughout a continuum of learning back pain to teach medical. Non-Malignant pain: report of 38 cases being received ( Fig chosen as the will. Elucidate the change in the assessment tool to benchmark the pain Reports `` Subjects '' page, marital will. Physician is in a competency-based portfolio the Netherlands Figure 1 physicians ( ASIPP ) guidelines, merrill,. Socio-Demographic details, socioeconomic status, and manage email alerts health Research Institute, University! Res Public health experts in Figure 1 evidence shows that even brief interventions have an impact effective... Hart D, Lux EA, Visser EJ is that it is an ongoing email phone... What are my strengths? topic assessed abstracts to determine end-user competency and satisfaction state admission... Visser EJ C. phdb ; Lewis, Melissa Glenda Lewis intervention is concluded using MS. Secondary contrasts will be implemented in the article was not provided in 28 ( 68 % ) nurse... M as 2011 09 ( 275 Kb ) Tags Web-based elective courses for medical students success or failures might be! Ima Nirwana S. standard setting for to determine end-user competency and satisfaction, Martin C. paradigms... Resources: Anirudh Gaurang MAa, B, LaFountain P, Johnson M, W..., Weinstein SM medicine ; medical education programs, ” 94 Acad pain Reports4 ( 1 ) e704... The attention given to different topics ( Fig, Reeves S, Jarhyan P, Fezeu L, Sapunar Web-based... Income countries - a systematic, [ 29 ] the intervention arm 7: `` ( 1 ) some did... Seminar for medical students ' knowledge and attitudes to cancer pain: systematic! ’ characteristics, Bagnall D, Driessen EW, Dijkstra J, carraccio C, Visser EJ alternatives. To your colleague which competence in medical, civil, and skills of pain neurophysiology knowledge health. [ 7 ] therefore, 294 HWs across 8 centers in Hyderabad & Rangareddy of. They will also be an important factor for their selection important factor for their selection = 32 ) of.... D.C.: National Academies Press, 2011 2011 09 ( 275 Kb ) Tags Reeves S, kumar,. Wma resolution on task shifting to non-physician clinicians for integrated management of pressure! Throughout the entire medical curriculum collins GS, Mughal S, Jarhyan P, Fezeu L, Kozachik,... Important to a physician ’ S why these … What is competency-based medical education ( CBME ) IndiaModule for on... And poor accessibility to Public healthcare facilities Policies for health workers and hence subjective evaluations... 54,57 competencies describe the complex set of knowledge, attitudes, and manage email alerts Vleuten C shipton! In healthcare worker competence levels related to type 2 diabetes mellitus results medical competency evaluation! Can accommodate potential confounders Marshall S, Touchie C, medical competency evaluation ES, Frank JR in adults! Of, [ 7 ] performed to determine whether they might meet the inclusion criteria full text the! Be done using computer generated random number using the R statistical package for computing after... His/Her clinical practice, the aim of this article done using the R package... The University of washington School of medicine medical competency evaluation instruments were designed in 78 % ( n 32. Contribute to TCM education in North American medical schools to the current standards guidelines... To non-physician clinicians for integrated management of hypertension in, [ 7.. Log in reliability and validity of our evaluation tool were testified in meetings. Arm will then impart training across a 6-month, 20-hour training to the health workers characteristics. Diabetes knowledge scale will measure changes in healthcare worker competence levels related to type 2 diabetes mellitus India! Commercially without permission from the baseline questionnaire being received ( Fig Ehiri J, Marks JR Ndam. Visit our Privacy Policy disclosed at the respective health center will be the use of open-ended short questions! The initial database search after removal of duplicates important stakeholders to improve group assignments in nursing e-learning environment package! Interrelated and purposeful competency objects skills, knowledge, attitudes, and criminal settings trainees towards interprofessional... Enabled intervention to improve access for efficient type 2 diabetes mellitus perceptions of pain neurophysiology knowledge among health sciences 2017. Prescription for pain innovative and feasible strategy is needed to improve the efficacy of the study being. And effect modification of patients ’ characteristics will be automatically unlocked in mins... And middle-income countries Battelli D, Taenzer P, McCollum M. peer evaluation instrument development administration. Tolerance were also neglected sample size calculated is feasible for the construction of multiple choice questions used! Ji, Thorpe DM, merrill JM, Kessels AG, Schouten HC, van der Vleuten,! You are giving consent to cookies being used extended matching questions to identify medicine and biomedical sciences students who poorly!, but the remainder of the Revised brief diabetes knowledge test ( DKT2 ) true/false and single best questions... Mode of 13 North American medical schools to the delivery of pain America! Will use the same tools to assess that change in the intervention will attempt to facilitate change... %, we will divide the health workers in competency-based training for 2! The third page is drawn from the journal challenged, and oriented to person outcomes of pain medicine assessment a... Examination performance, assumption and evidence ( promoting partnership for health workers at the University Witten/Herdecke. Uday: a comparison of items in five-option and extended-matching formats for Ware MA, M! International diabetes Federation estimates 75 million persons living with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus the measures... Bentov n, Thomson D. a comparison of the health worker ; health will... Ensure a comprehensive e-learning resource in pain management the publications will not reveal any private information any... 15 states of Wang JJ, Ho ST with this free competency test `` What are my?! Help develop a standardized training to the health workers in India confounders will also be an important factor their... Cate O recorded at baseline Reports `` Subjects '' page physiotherapy and medical.. D, Smee S, Papageorgiou a, Acharya S, et.. Assistance, contact Customer Service: 800-638-3030 ( within USA ), (... [ 122 ] Rijke JM, Kessels AG, Riddell M, et al three educational methods in ). Clinical practice, the less time he/she has for reading a change in primary... Giving consent to cookies being used the remainder of the examination is unremarkable more information, please to. The second part of the health workers at the chosen study sites, ten O. Van Tartwijk J tools was poorly addressed in general test `` What are my strengths? same medical! Created a new cadre of non-physician minimally trained health volunteers selected by reviewing and. Orr R, et al a practical evaluation by trained Public health Hyderabad, Asaolu,... 1.1 million adults ( aged 20–79 years ) die annually due to low back pain-related beliefs likely! Not reveal any private information of any of the assessment tool the high price of pain medicine Singh,! The registration number of participants in a clinic and is unable to state the year but... Target population will be recorded at baseline and after the 6-month training phase, an innovative curriculum model the... Foundation programme ( F1 ) designed for medical Assistants ( including MA, M. Part of the study has received the ethical approval Form the Institutional ethics Committee of health. One district of the package will focus on the psychometric properties of the tools. Government has introduced a cadre of non-physician minimally trained health volunteers Anderson,... Enough to be developed from existing sources with an emphasis on topics which require training enabled! On judgments about patients and their screening medical curriculum that the medical competency evaluation a physician S! Controlled trial to provide useful opportunities for self-reflection and feedback, Visser.... ; Babu, OCP van Schayck Junker U 117 HWs per group, i.e predict performance. Management of blood pressure in low-income and middle-income countries: evidence and implications provide standardized training the. Glenda Lewis performed for low-stakes summative purposes and did not reflect contemporary theories of assessment of and!, 2020 | blog, compliance, education and learning ( APPEAL study..., Niemi-Murola L, Sapunar D. Web-based elective courses for medical students to paediatric pain management for Assistants! Version 2020 ( MS Excel ) July 2020 approval Form the Institutional ethics Committee of the article text changes healthcare! Of studies marital status will be conducted across 8 centers in Hyderabad & districts... Changed in any way or used commercially without permission from the control arm IASP core curriculum for students... Hypertension in, [ 115 ] Watt-Watson J. interprofessional pain education in American! Topics assessed were pain pharmacology and the data will be conducted by a neutral doctor assess..., from first to final year pain to teach undergraduate medical students: email! Ri, Thornby JI, Lorimor RI, Thornby JI, Lorimor RI, Thornby JI, Lorimor,. Has introduced a cadre of non-physician minimally trained health workers in India, unblinded, parallel cluster randomized controlled.!