Our site is full of things that will help you to know literally everything about turtles. They do this in order to receive as much UV as they can, and also for warmth. 5 Answers . This turtle's native range is … Coming with so many unique characteristics like shaking their claws, biting each other is one of them. The smaller one has been doing the 'mating ritual' with the other male - which I've heard is actually dominance when shown to another male. You need to figure on 10 gallons of aquarium per every inch of turtle. Why do my red eared sliders flutter their claws at each other's faces? Surprisingly, we've had them for over ten years! to devour at a sparkling time. Turtles often host almonella. Disclaimer: You can’t keep fishes with turtles underwater as a red eared slider will literally eat up all the fish around it. she would tend to bite the male by the hind legs leaving bite marks. The lack of space is making them have aggression because they cannot swim around and have their proper living space. Update, both turtles are male and too young to be mating. About the size of a dollar coin. Your turtles are cramped up like crazy. Pet Specialist: Animal Eyes, Veterinary Technician replied 13 years ago. I currently have a red eared slider and its about as big as the top of a normal cup and he's about 3 or 4 years old. Now I have one turtle biting the tail and chasing the other not every second but I see it happening , their about about 2″ inches in a 75 gallon. Baby red eared slider turtles $10 each ... 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. I was thinking about getting another hatchling. It depends on the breed, age and maturity. So if your turtles are even half that size.. that means that you need a 100 gallon aquarium. Why does my red ear slider turtle bite my other slider turtle in the foot? Your tank is MOST LIKELY too small to have multiple pet turtles but you can give these ideas a shot for now: The Turtles could be fighting over food.. although I doubt this is happening.. it still could help. Five months ago my boyfriend and I got two hatchling turtles from Chinatown. (His yolk sac hadn’t finished absorbing all the way and had a cracked shell so I took him in and fell in love with him!) One of the main reasons that a red-eared slider might bite you is that he feels scared. Topic: I have owned two Red Eared Sliders for almost a year now and they keep fighting like they hate each other… I’m a bit worried just because I love my turtles and they should be getting a long a lot better like they used to. Try feeding a higher quality food. I read everything I could on the drive home and we went straight to petco to get get the basic setup for them. Required fields are marked *. Red eared slider turtles are active pets that enjoy swimming and diving. Red Eared Sliders Biting Each Other Sign in to follow this . Sounds. For extraordinarily large red-sliders, you would need a 100-gallon turtle tank. These turtles are found in both brackish and freshwaters and can also be found in moving waters and are most active during the day. I don’t regret saving them, but I do regret contributing to the filth hole of Chinatown and the industry. They are semi-aquatic and need to have basking areas, basking warmth and access to UVB rays. I created 7 small piles, each one containing a different type of food. So I guess they are around 2 … I get a bit outraged whenever I read this stud but you have brought up a good point Brandy. Some of the common ones are to get more UV rays while basking, showing dominance or to appear strong. Grunt and hiss, touch and vibration. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Well, the answer is yes, but only if there is enough space inside the tank. When some male turtles try to woo females to mate, they approach them underwater and then the turtle will face the other and flutter … I was thinking about getting another hatchling. Let us know if you need help finding a tank on a budget and your location. Click here to view foods and also here is my favorite brand: This could be a temporary thing because the turtles are growing into their maturity. Female sliders attain maturity at around 5-7 years, while males reach maturity at 2-4 years of age. It can be seen in both males and females. Red eared sliders can show this behavior for many reasons. Reslider's Swamp / SOS / Red Eared Sliders who bite: Moderated by Lilly, Pinoko, StaniaMarsh, Stephanie, Tarta , freed, loles, ruthynight: Topic closed: Author: Message: Pages: 1: ZacPretzel On incubation Registered: 31-03-2006 Posts: 5 I have two red-eared sliders which I got a year ago from someone who had purchased them as babies a year before. I removed it and after a few days the turtles were healed and perfectly fine. Turtles pile on top of each other to get exposed to more sun-rays. Maybe your seller can provide you a different turtle. The needed frequency of this will depend on the size of your tank and whether or not you use a separate tank at mealtimes, but you should change the water before it becomes dirty or foul smelling. Take it to a vet. People sell them for super cheap after they sit in their storage for a decade haha. But it varies from species to species. Some of the common ones are to get more UV rays while basking, showing dominance or to appear strong. These popular pets are distinguished by their shells—brown or black with yellow stripes. Red-eared sliders are well-poised to be effective invaders. They are lacking most of the normal pigments in the skin and shell. all 4 of my turtles are red-eared sliders, 3 females (inward plastron projection) and 1 male (outward plastron projection). For extraordinarily large red-sliders, you would need a 100-gallon turtle tank. @Reply: Dude! the biggest of them is a female almost 2 kilos. They generally become inactive in October, when temperatures fall below 10 °C (50 °F). He has never ever bit or tried to bite someone ever! Red eared sliders are territorial and are aggressive towards other males of their species. In the wild, Red-eared sliders brumate over the winter at the bottoms of ponds or shallow lakes. Your email address will not be published. Sometimes piled on top of each other like bricks, feet extended, much to the delight of students and visitors to the UT turtle pond. Red eared sliders are one of the most interesting creatures in the world. But most turtles fight over territory, or attempted mating they do not want to partake in. Red-eared sliders will have belly shells that are yellow and marked with dark spots. Captive-born red-eared sliders tend to be friendlier and more outgoing than those born in the wild. Answered in 3 hours by: 9/23/2006. Most stores fail to keep their deadline, also the collection is LAME. Ideally you should provide 10 gallons of water for each inch of shell length for each turtle. That being said, this is completely my subjective opinion. Ask Your Own Pet Question. I have raised my turtles for about a year and for some reasons my male slider turtle Swifty keeps biting my female slider turtle Swimmy on the foot. it could desire to p.c. They arise to twelve" in diameter each. It may happen that two turtles just don’t get along well. Red-eared sliders do not hibernate, but actually brumate; while they become less active, they do occasionally rise to the surface for food or air. Please help. They are a huge commitment, not just for life, but for day to day. I have been keeping turtles as a pet for many years now. (This is why sliders are referred to as the “dime store turtle”). Posted by Bailey H: Sorry to hear your turtles are fighting and not getting along. Here is a video of 2 red eared slider turtles from my hike that day and some facts along with the 4K wildlife video.
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