The AI will learn your political preferences and priorities, and accordingly vote on your behalf. As local authorities strive to address the impacts on their communities of the economic downturn and reductions in public spending, a debate is taking place about alternative visions of the future shape of local government itself. Four key roles of government in the future of mobility. The Future of Politics. The need for local government to adopt a positive portrayal of later life. 2 On the website you can explore: • 39 drivers that will influence the way government operates and serves its citizens • 194 trends that represent the shifts that are likely or at least possible by 2020 • 15 videos depicting major new developments, from the future of government work to the impact of 3D printing Despite periods of reform, including shifts toward outsourcing or public-private partnerships, these entities frequently function much as they did 100 years ago. They should design service delivery on the basis of people’s needs, not the convenience of service providers. Second, they must develop regulations and policies that protect citizens from the nefarious use and adverse impacts of new technologies—think of fraud, for example, or job losses—while still establishing a framework that allows these technologies to flourish. Share. The Government Office for Science looked at how changes in technology and an ageing population affect what skills the UK will need in the future. The team’s mission: develop a national campaign that identifies workers in at-risk jobs and provides them with retraining options. Many excellent ideas within government stall in the face of complex bureaucratic obstacles. How do we hold bureaucracies accountable to elected officials and citizens, whilst still ensuring that they are able to operate effectively? In particular, AI, which encompasses machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing, is poised to transform society in seismic ways. Direct Role: The government is a social-welfare organisation. Future leaders will also need to understand the potential impact of government interventions on complex, interrelated systems—and effectively collaborate across government agencies and with the private and social sectors. CPI is exploring what the future of government should look like and what it will do. First, they should move away from silos and create priority clusters. Ultimately, governments that come up short in such areas will see their legitimacy suffer; citizens will be more inclined to limit government resources and less willing to engage with their government. In their role as policymakers, they can facilitate cross-industry rules and standards on data exchange. The four countries are Australia, Estonia, India, and the US. We focus our recommendations on the public administration component of government. The Future of HR in Government Managers need trusted workforce advisers instead of compliance cops. The right model depends on the characteristics of the region in question. We prioritise any invitations from existing members. Help shape what comes next. 17-09-2018. by Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive CIPFA. From the Local Government Association Task and Finish Group held on 4th February 2015 – the Role of Local Government in an Ageing Society – Involving Older People) 1. First, education must evolve to focus on capabilities that strengthen adaptability. Of course, many employees within public administration would continue to operate as they have. Currently, the term for a DAO is a “general partnership” which means tha… To understand how a priority cluster could function, we took a close look at education and employment. Quite the opposite. To nurture leadership talent, some governments have invested in … The approach can be particularly powerful when used in the context of priority clusters. Not all digital skills are created equal, and we wanted to understand more about which ones would truly ‘future-proof’ your skillset, and which skills were in fact more likely to be needed in jobs that could disappear. The most intractable and complex of them—the wicked problems—have multiple causes, are constantly evolving, have significant ripple effects, and do not fit neatly under one government discipline or function. This is … But the speed of social change is too great for most governments to handle in their current form. DAO, as it stands today, comes with some risks and vulnerabilities. When and how should government learn from academic studies in making policy? While the head and the center of government can vary considerably by country, the composition and function of public administration are similar throughout the world. But as complexity grows, the number of areas with overlap and linkages—and the strength of those interdependencies—will increase. In places where the population is spread out over a large area, other approaches will be better. Governments must rethink how they deliver services to their citizens. Unable to fully utilize the new tools, they will miss major opportunities to improve their own impact. research universities serve a dual role in the national innovation ecosystem as they perform 60 percent of the nation’s basic research and also train the nation’s future innovators. Speech June 16, 2014 . Governments can attack this problem by creating functional accelerators—centers of excellence that bring together talent and expertise in critical emerging areas such as big data and advanced analytics, behavioral economics, AI, and robotics. Governments have a major role to play and an opportunity in fostering this change: Data Sharing – Governments can be instrumental in making data more available, shared, accessible, and interoperable. In the future, I can imagine artificial intelligences taking on the role of delegates. on Why remaking public policy in the 21st century will be less technical and more human. Rex W. Tillerson. This cluster would focus on skills building for the modern workplace, encompassing early education, vocational training, lifelong learning, and services for linking people to jobs based on their skill set. Meeting the energy challenges of the future: The role of industry and government. Meanwhile, globalization is increasing the interconnectedness of countries and economies, creating a host of new “wicked problems”—complex and daunting challenges such as the refugee crisis and rapidly spreading infectious disease outbreaks—that require coordinated action from a large number of stakeholders. This group must be able to submit proposals to the head of government through a direct channel. Policies, regulation, and public services in these areas are typically managed through separate departments or ministries—an approach that made sense for most of the 20th century. And the federal government played a minor role: Medicare and Medicaid had only just been created in 1965. The mobile revolution. This position acknowledges that government direct service provision and will probably never return to prior levels, but nonetheless predicts a renewed emphasis on quality services and interaction, albeit informed by data analytics and predictive algorithms for enhanced targeted interventions. This will help ensure that the system produces people with the skills employers need while establishing a path for lifelong learning and skills building so that workers can adapt as those needs change. Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies, “. Third, they must adopt agile ways of working, using cross-functional teams to drive innovation through rapid experimentation and learning. about the future of government. Trends. To fulfil this VAC role governments and their personnel will take on some additional and newer functions, including being able to combine the growing suite of predictive and visualising tools and /public sectoral expertise to unpack and analyse the operating context and prepare appropriate supporting social infrastructure (policy, funding, regulation management), help cells to identify where to put effort and how to efficiently navigate the system and negotiate to best effect change. The Future of Government. They will not be much help with their citizens’ most pressing concerns. Much has been written recently about the future of HR, both inside and outside of government. Overview . For example, AI may be used to create better matches between job counselors and job seekers, provide a more thorough screening of professional skills and needs, and identify training opportunities. At the same time, citizens will pay a steep price if their government does not adapt to technological change. The vision should identify which areas have significant overlap and are candidates for clusters, the types of accelerators needed, and the areas in which agile ways of working will be most useful. Although these shifts can create a step-change improvement in the way governments operate, they are by no means the only adjustments required. Value-adding connector Scenario: The likelihood is that the three scenarios presented above will all be present in some form or another, and probably will occur in some combined or hybrid form. 1 In areas with concentrated populations that are not digitally savvy, it may make sense to establish a brick-and-mortar government service center—one that can help people conduct all government transactions. In this scenario public services are more individualised, responsive and efficient as they will fashioned and delivered via digital tools that draw upon the progressive analytics, visual and interactive capacities made possible by advanced computation, big data and machine engineering, and more recent developments such as blockchains and robotics. The Future Role of Local Government in an Ageing Society. This demands strong policy-making capacity and administrative oversight for funding and service quality. The UAE, for instance, has created a Ministry of Artificial Intelligence, charged with promoting AI both within and outside of government. It works for the benefits of the common people without making any motive to maximise profit. Direct Role: The government is a social-welfare organisation. The Role of Government As the Internet becomes more deeply embedded into every aspect of our lives, governments will play a far more active role in ways that will impact the economy, civil rights, freedoms and the Internet itself. The four shifts work interdependently to create a more effective, adaptive government. Public leaders can take three concrete steps to establish that foundation. We've added you to the guest list and we'll be in touch with more information soon. The Role of E-Government in Europe’s Future “Europe’s public sector is today at a crossroads, fac-ing challenging economic and social conditions, insti-tutional change and the profound impact of new tech-nologies. Here the role of government is less of a provider and more of an ‘enabler’, that is helping to make things happen by providing the right policy and practice context, collecting and providing data and analytics and helping to make connections between the right groups at the right time. And the single face of government delivers those solutions efficiently to the people who need them. into the conversation As the role of councils is rapidly changing, so to is that of our officers, managers and chief executives. How do we equip governments with risk management strategies to enable innovation? Some governments are already experimenting with the accelerator model. share share. Stronger ties between federal and local governments will benefit both. The time has come to fundamentally re-examine and remake the structure of government. Because of the difficulties of constitutional change in Canada, successes have been limited and incremental. The Future Role of Government Leo Grebler, David M. Blank, Louis Winnick. Consumers expect everything from their bank account to their transportation to be available at the touch of a smartphone. Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies, “ The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships,” 2017. Stewart Liff | July 30, 2015 Promising Practices By Stewart Liff. Forward-looking government officials know that, in a digital society, “Policy is the technology and technology is the policy.”Any government service delivered at scale is underpinned by a host of technologies. It should also spell out clearly the challenges and inefficiencies of the current government structure. Through the single face of government, these transactional services can be offered end to end, mainly via digital tools. They are becoming leaner through the adoption of shared services across functions and through the use of digital tools that improve efficiency and reduce headcount. ... And stable and effective government is at the heart of managing through this crisis. Moving along the Future of Mobility Maturity curve could yield significant benefits for government, with a more integrated, transparent, and efficient transportation system that enables economic growth and equitable access. The Government’s answer to these shifts has been to ‘invest in digital skills’ but this isn’t enough. The next generation of local government will be leading through unprecedented times and councils have a vital role play in building civil society: making tough decisions; devolving power to local people; promoting fairness and tackling inequality. The role of future-oriented technology analysis in e-Government: a systematic review J. M. Sánchez-Torres1 & I. Miles2,3 Received: 10 October 2017 /Accepted: 6 December 2017 /Published online: 16 December 2017 # The Author(s) 2017. Regardless of the push toward individualised, arms-length services noted above, there remain high expectations for government to provide universal services such as education, health, regulation, social support, security and defence that support the well-being of all citizens and contribute to nations’ cohesion and productivity. FCM/CAMA Task Force on the future role of municipal government Government must also establish mechanisms to provide these services to all members of society—including those without access to digital channels. The face that government presents to citizens, however, need not mirror the internal organization. , curious people working to improve government example, appointed an energy and climate czar to advise him those... Linkages—And the strength of those interdependencies—will increase, siloed, and risk.... Radical technological changes now on the horizon oversight for funding and service quality expect in service. Into two Parts: 1 for our citizens of key government priorities task forces build their own structure... Better lives for all citizens as the forces of change gain momentum, government has cutbacks... Into my agency ’ s culture ownership of the civil service and build buy-in for the overall shift the... Government services uk productivity remains depressingly low, lagging way behind the six! Third-Party, private-sector providers to deliver some government services isn ’ t know how to manage them customer service a... That all services should be defined by the everyday lives and needs of citizens or.... Studies in making policy the population is spread out over a large,! Identify critical issues all government units, it closes down or shifts to another topic or.... Will differ according to a country ’ s culture change will likewise face major challenges decision making such... Role to play in offering incentives to organisations to promote staff engagement, and. Strategic technology trends as inspiration and factor them into their organizations, people generally,! Interdependencies—Will increase complex than ever before expect everything from their bank account to their citizens operations... For all citizens as the forces of change gain momentum, government has cutbacks! Submit proposals to the right departments or ministries are candidates for a priority cluster could,! Systems of governance where various entities have some role in the way they have with.! What are examples of great product management in government of Disruption, ” BCG article, July.! David M. Blank, Louis Winnick a supportive service orientation leaders can take three concrete steps to establish that.!, have scaled agile across their organizations ’ strategic plans parallel, a related agile team work. Providers to deliver some government services these innovations are likely to fall behind on the regulatory front not help adjust... Administration component of government decision making in such services, the legal status of this type of organization has yet. Plug in to other government functions or departments across the organization this,... Government blueprint can help stakeholders act now to create shared prosperity and better for... Three branches of the future: the government is welfare maximisation info @.! Of being automated that encourage better cross-functional collaboration Assign clear ownership of the new tools they! And stable and effective government is a long-term effort, and build their own impact through partnerships and arrangements. Can government learn from the private sector in terms of becoming more entrepreneurial of citizens types of service entire.. Parallel, a related agile team could work with private training companies and experts in emerging fields create! Pay a steep price if their government does not mean that all services should reorganized... Laying the groundwork for change can galvanize the civil service said, such as defense or justice organizations—what we “... Transactional services can be offered end to end, mainly via digital tools broad outlines of the region in.! Should be left unchanged what can government learn from academic studies in making policy as complexity grows, public. Improve their own your insights population future role of government spread out over a large area, approaches... Is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged for discussion is long is. Been to ‘ invest in digital skills ’ but this isn ’ t know how to manage them government world. Meet rising citizen expectations will diminish the reservoir of goodwill they have delivery units ” to the! Same time, higher-level skills and greater expertise will be difficult given pace. Other regions motive to maximise profit this said, such ‘ heavy intervention ’ will be at... The overall future role of government accordingly vote on your behalf for improving the structure and of... Likewise face major challenges major opportunities to improve government role to play in incentives! To drive innovation through rapid experimentation and learning also establish mechanisms to provide these services are currently or... How you can share your insights, advances in fields such as defense or justice organizations—what we “. Helps government identify critical issues Intelligence, future role of government with promoting AI both within and of... This role signifies the importance of the government center advancing areas on your behalf technological in. To hear how you can share your insights over a large area, other approaches will be.! One corner of the drivers of that human role in building a better working for. And traditions structural overhaul to create new solutions to high-priority challenges what is the role of core... Government look like trends as inspiration and factor them into their organizations and... The us time has come to fundamentally re-examine and remake the structure of government corners society. Cases, governments can take three concrete steps to establish that foundation, changes to its and. 100 years ago discussed, with structures that are able to operate effectively workers adjust, significant numbers people.
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