Larkin Barnett, B.A., M.A. Dance, is a Nautilus award-winning Author and Pilates Style Magazine winner top DVD for AthleticKinetics: Pilates and Performing Arts Aesthetic and companion AthleticKinetics Manual. She is an international speaker, Balanced Body: Pilates on Tour faculty presenter, and travels to teach her AthleticKinetics System© Pilates Teacher Trainings for certification and earn Pilates Method Alliance CEU’s.

For four decades Larkin has been an inspirational somatic healer, movement educator, Polestar-certified Pilates’ instructor, and certified Golf Pilates specialist who has shared her techniques including as a movement therapist and fitness professional at Canyon Ranch Spa, where she has trained celebrities and Olympic athletes.

Larkin has been a professor of dance and exercise science at Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida Atlantic University, Longy School of Music and Lappeenranta University in Finland. She has trained with top modern dance companies specializing in the renowned movement theorist and dancer Rudolf Von Laban’s spatial concepts. Larkin taught, performed and choreographed at Harvard University and the NYC Laban Center with her own modern dance company.

She is co-authoring a book with a pulmonary oncologist and works with his patients who have respiratory problems using her Foundation Formula© and Vertical/Horizontal/Sagittal/Three-Dimensional Breathing©. Larkin was chosen as a President’s Challenge Advocate, and prepares teachers and parents to help children get fit through her comprehensive curriculum, which was chosen by the International Autism Speaks Organization..


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Provide your personal fitness journey with empowering, commonsense strategies to ignite the energy needed for healing; athletic achievement; Pilates’ performance; dance artistry and a life filled with resilience, rejuvenation and radiant health!

Message from Larkin

“Over 4 decades of developing homework for my clients – either stressed, traveling or moving through challenges – culminated in the creation of my fitness system for our busy lives today. Anytime, anywhere empowering techniques allow you to get fit at your desk, traveling, in bed while healing – or integrate them directly into your fitness, sports, dance, Pilates & recreational activities for peak performance and a better quality of life. I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of inspirational people in multiple environments with a full spectrum of needs from physical rehabilitation, Pilates, fitness, dance, and sports to Olympic athletes. My dedication to dance, exercise, Pilates, study, research, development, publishing, and teaching led to the creation of an injury-preventing sports/dance cross-training AthleticKinetics System© performed on a mat or in the Pilates equipment environment – with the ability to incorporate these same techniques into your daily activities.”
– Larkin Barnett

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Larkin is the author and originator of the PilatesStyle award-winning top DVD 2013: (“Unprecedented athleticism for Pilates Cross-Training”), AthleticKinetics: Pilates and Performing Arts Aesthetic DVD and Companion AthleticKinetics Manual for Reformer/Chair/Cadillac; Nautilus award-winning, Practical Centering (Quest Books, 2012); Practical Pilates Using Imagery (with Miami City Ballet; Lorenz Educational Press, 2009, AthleticKinetics Mat©), Pilates and Calisthenics for Children (Lorenz Educational Press, 2010); Creative Yoga for Children (Lorenz Educational Press, 2010); and On a Lark: Creative Movement for Children (Lorenz Educational Press, 2008) All of her resources contain her signature Foundation Formula© and Vertical/Horizontal/Sagittal/Three-Dimensional Breathing©.


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