Larkin and pulmonary oncologist, Dr. Gregory Loewen talk about the myriad of health benefits from her Nautilus Award winning "Practical Centering" book containing somatic self-care system and Foundation Formula Breathing©, Vertical, Horizontal, Sagittal, and Three-dimensional Breathing©

Use Larkin's inner mind/body/spirit tools for an island of calm anytime, anyplace!

Larkin's fitness books and DVDs show you how to: obtain a simple, yet highly effective fitness program for anytime, anywhere - even for the busiest schedules - without any equipment!

The author Larkin Barnett during her four decades as a movement educator has developed simple strategies to increase awareness within her Larkinetics System© Pilates Teacher Trainings and is available for Larkinetics System©/AthleticKinetics© Teacher Trainings, layperson workshops, media appearances to increase awareness of the mind-body connection in promoting physical fitness.

Can you imagine making it a habit of performing your fitness routine at your computer, driving, flying, or even standing in a long line?

Larkin's fitness books show you how to integrate essential ABC (Alignment, Breathing, and Core Control) building blocks of movement directly into your sports, workouts, and/or everyday activities - for safety and success!

Pilates, fitness, yoga and dance are powerful mediums for achieving physical fitness and mental health, enhancing athletic performance and artistic expression, rehabilitating injury, promoting practical solutions to stress management, and helping sedentary people re-discover their innate joy of movement.


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