Pilates Moves into Three Dimensions

Spiral, Spin, and go within… to Win


Kinetic: - adj. the moving body and its relationship to the forces of gravity, energy and momentum. Modern Dance has been called kinetic pantomime.

Larkin's practical system supports you as you move into civic space; the rehabilitation clinic; the dance performance stage; sports arena and your lifestyle.

“Unleash your athletic/dance potential with Larkin Barnett’s unprecedented, transformative AthleticKinetics System™” – Pilates Style Magazine July/August Issue, Feature Article: “Unleash your Athletic Potential,” 2014, and Winner Top DVD, 2013.

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Larkin Barnett has spent four decades to bring you this exclusive result-producing system for a beautifully 360 degree sculpted body using her dynamic breathing and spirals in three dimensions. This makes you and your clients the true architect of the optimum physical body and harnesses athletic mastery! Learn Larkin’s revolutionary movement and verbal vocabulary for your Pilates’ equipment and mat environments – and discover how her extremely practical system moves with you into civic space; the dance theatre; sports arena and your lifestyle.

“AthleticKinetics™ elevates the Pilates experience to unprecedented cross-training, injury prevention and challenge in three dimensions. Experience exhilarating kinetic spins, spirals and jumps accessed through Larkin’s winning Foundation Formula© for reaching your full breathing and core potential. Reinvigorate the Pilates Mat and equipment environment by demanding precise muscle recruitment and efficient movement flow, which allows the Pilates’ student, athlete and dancer to discover that the best place to find ‘center’ is on the edge.” - PilatesStyle Magazine & Steve Caras, Former NYC Ballet Soloist, Renowned Dance Photographer & Subject PBS Emmy Award Special “See Them Dance”


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