Pilates & Performing Arts Aesthetic DVD and Companion Manual by Larkin Barnett

Larkin Barnett elevates your scope of practice to a level of artistry, inspiration and joy within her cross-training Larkinetics System©/AthleticKinetics© for everyone who loves Pilates, dance, sports, martial arts, and yoga. Aesthetics common to Pilates and the art of dance become the focus through her Foundation Formula Breathing©, 3-D spatial intent, multiple planes, new rhythmic accents, longer phrases, and fluidity of motion. These challenging and fun moves explore kinetics involving the forces of gravity, energy, and controlled momentum. This new repertoire of exciting and striking spins, turns, spirals and jumps require precise muscle recruitment and timing. Perform the moves as if on a stage and transform your body. The results include lean, sculpted arms, trunk, waistline, hips and thighs. The use of striking video special affects “sets the stage” for creative expression and dance-like fluid movement.

"AthleticKinetics is a Pilates-evolved cross-training method for seasoned Pilates’ practitioners, instructors, athletes and dancers. This Mat and Pilates equipment program demonstrates a multifaceted understanding of gyrotonic and gyrokinesis reflected in the 3-D spiraling movements, multiple planes, longer phrases, and fluidity of motion."

- Sharon Browne, Performance Trainer, Pilates Instructor

"This DVD’s kinetic spins, spirals, and jumps with seamless dance-inspired transitions demands precise muscle recruitment for Pilates-evolved artistry and joy"

- PilatesStyle Magazine, September/October 2013

"AthleticKinetics elevates the Pilates experience by capturing aesthetics second nature to dance. These challenging and fun kinetic moves are the realization that the best place to find center is the edge."

- Steve Caras, Renowned Dance Photographer, former Balanchine Dancer & subject Emmy-winning ‘See Them Dance

AthleticKinetics DVD

by Larkin Barnett

Pilates & Performing Arts DVD by Larkin Barnett

Available: Balanced Body, 1-800-Pilates
90 Minutes: $29.95
Video Special Affects
Instructional Studio Segment
Bonus Music-Only Theatre Segment to Experience Performance Skills

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AthleticKinetics Manual

by Larkin Barnett

AthleticKinetics: Pilates & Performing Arts Manual by Larkin Barnett

Available: Balanced Body, 1-800-Pilates
Manual contains DVD exercises and 20 additional exercises & multiple variations
130 photographs
80 pages & note-taking space

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