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Creative Movement for Children by Larkin Barnett

  • Discover an easy, non-competitive ‘move-at-your-own-pace’ program for children. They explore their full movement potential while building self-esteem!
  • Children become aware of body language and its relationship to words! This scientific approach promotes problem solving with an emphasis on a movement vocabulary and elements inherent in all movement – sports/fitness/dance/martial arts/therapy.
  • Simple physical activity lessons combine creative expression with academic enrichment, including arithmetic, anatomy, geometry, science and story telling.
  • User-friendly lessons can be used during classroom breaks, recess, Phys Ed, and focused movement exploration!

Creative Movement for Children

by Larkin Barnett

ISBN 978-1-57310-547-7
126 pages, $14.95
Lorenz Educational Press, a  Lorenz Corporation
501 East Third Street, Box 802 Dayton, Ohio 45401
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (800) 444-1144,  (937) 228-6118

On a Lark! Creative Movement for Children.

by Larkin Barnett available at Lorenz Educational Press

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