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Creative Yoga for Children by Larkin Barnett

  • Children (and adults) discover an island of calm through step-by-step instruction for more than 60 poses and breakthrough breathing using fun visual imagery!
  • This book pinpoints all of a child's emotions and provides physical solutions to balancing them!
  • Start your day off right with user-friendly mini poses and basic Hatha yoga for any circumstance in the real world.
  • This yoga approach is a powerful tool for the classroom. Take an exam filled with calmness!
  • Includes yoga poses designed for practice right at your desk to foster physical and emotional health, sharpen focus and improve attention span!
  • Children stretch and balance in poses named for animals and shapes! Their wiggles are gone when they rest in the Cocoon Pose.
  • End the day on a positive note at home with Deep Relaxation, Creative Meditation or Yoga!

Creative Yoga for Children

by Larkin Barnett

ISBN 9781429118286
56 Pages, $9.95
Lorenz Educational Press, a  Lorenz Corporation
501 East Third Street, Box 802 Dayton, Ohio 45401
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Creative Yoga for Children

by Larkin Barnett available at Lorenz Educational Press

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