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Practical Centering by Larkin Barnett

Practical Centering enhances physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance with innovative breathing techniques and empowering exercises. It provides an instant vacation in this hectic world, enabling us to elevate our energy, relax our body, strengthen our core, and quiet our mind.

  • Enjoy experiencing empowering exercises that provide an instant vacation from stress for our health. Practical Centering tools can be integrated into our errands, chores, work, fitness, sport, physical therapy, or traveling.
  • The benefits include turning back the physiological clock, boosting our immune system, increasing energy, strengthening our core, and relaxing the mind and body. Larkin Barnett’s life-transforming tools help us to “hit the body’s re-set button” for longer interludes of mental peace, emotional resilience, and physical stamina.
  • These tools are linked with the chakras – an ancient, non-Western model of the seven physical and spiritual power centers in the body. The Chakra Rocking Massage clears and opens the chakras, causing energy to move more freely throughout the body. This is the key to a balanced healthy body. Hence, muscular tension dissipates, and tissue health, suppleness, and posture are improved.
  • To this key exercise, Larkin adds simplified breathing techniques drawn from Eastern and Western traditions as well as visualizations. Likening the experience to creating a favorite meal, “recipe cards” are provided for each exercise, focusing on the ingredients of color, location, life lesson, natural elements, physical senses, emotions, and affirmations.
  • Visual imagery strengthens the mind/body connection affording the ultimate immune booster, improving circulation for better tissue nutrition and metabolism. The body acts like a natural pharmacy as it flushes away waste products more thoroughly.
  • Practical Centering is a great little book to pack in your purse, briefcase, laptop, suitcase, or back pocket. This is the ultimate daily companion with exercises that take only minutes wherever you may be. They break the debilitating physiological cycle of stress leading to a life of more vitality and ease.

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Practical Centering

by Larkin Barnett

Exercises to Energize Your Chakras for Relaxation, Vitality, and Health by Larkin Barnett

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Practical Centering

by Larkin Barnett available at Quest Books

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