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Practical Pilates Using Imagery by Larkin Barnett

The anytime, anywhere exercise program for even the busiest schedule - without any equipment! Humorous illustrations and visual imagery make fitness fun, safe and successful. Practical Pilates Using Imagery shows you how to:

  • Enjoy 70 user-friendly exercises, illustrated by over 150 photographs featuring Miami City Ballet. Incorporate a series of simple life-transforming stretches, strengtheners, and stress reduction techniques into even the most hectic schedules.
  • Build a comprehensive fitness program for enhancing longevity and peak performance in sports, dance, and your everyday activities.
  • Offer those already doing Pilates a foundation of exercises they can practice beyond the mat.
  • Make the Surgeon General's recommendation of 30 minutes of daily exercise, as stated in the Report on Physical Activity and Health, more manageable. Practical Pilates Using Imagery assists the more than two-thirds of non-exercisers who say they would engage in light to moderate physical activity if they could fit it into their busy lives.
  • Actualize The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine's findings that formerly sedentary people who did two to four 10-minute exercise sessions throughout the day had a more effective workout than a similar group who exercised once for 20-40 minutes.

Read Practical Pilates Using Imagery if you are:

  • "Too busy" to exercise.
  • Sedentary and do not even like the thought of exercising.
  • A beginner who wants to start working out but is afraid you won't get it right.
  • An avid fitness enthusiast who wants to re-energize your workouts.
  • A "road warrior" business traveler who tries to stay in shape while on the road.
  • A professional or amateur athlete who would like to utilize the Pilates technique for strength, agility, coordination, speed, and mental focus to soar past competitors.
  • A dancer with a drive for technical precision and a passion for the artistry, inspiration, and joy of moving.

Practical Pilates Using Imagery

by Larkin Barnett

with Miami City Ballet Dancers by Larkin Barnett

ISBN 978-1-4291-1738-8
8 1/2 X 11 paperback, 240 pages, 160 photos, 25 illustrations, $34.95
Lorenz Educational Press, a  Lorenz Corporation
501 East Third Street, Box 802 Dayton, Ohio 45401
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Phone: (800) 444-1144,  (937) 228-6118

Practical Pilates using Imagery

by Larkin Barnett available at Lorenz Educational Press

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