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Reviews for AthleticKinetics: Pilates and Performing Arts aesthetic DVD and companion Manual by Larkin Barnett

Winner Award Top DVD Pilates Style Magazine!

"No matter your sport (or lack thereof) – Larkin Barnett’s unprecedented AthleticKinetics System© brings spins, spirals, diagonal pathways and changing levels into play to help increase total body strength, range of motion, and movement efficiency and flow, while sculpting killer legs, arms, and abs – the end game: it’s gold medal worthy!"

- Amanda Altman, Editor in Chief, Pilates Style Magazine, Feature Article July 2014

"AthleticKinetics is a revolutionary mind/body challenge for Pilates mat and apparatus pros, as well as all of your clients wanting to stay motivated with new, exciting and fun sports/dance/martial arts inspired cross-training."

– Heidi Dvorak, Editor, Pilates Style Magazine, January 2014 Announcing Top DVD 2013

"Larkin and her AthleticKinetics System© elevates the Pilates experience to an art form within her multi-level and multi-dimensional exercises. She emphasizes dance and performance in a Pilates’ mat and equipment environment. This cross-training program demonstrates the movement principles that are second nature to Pilates – sports coaching and the art of dance. Her system rooted in her Foundation Formula Breathing©, which takes strengthening your center to a new level even for a highly trained dancer or athlete…now that ‘runners high’ is not reserved for athletes only. These challenging moves prove that the best place to find center is on the edge."

– Steve Caras, Renowned Dance Photographer, Former Balanchine Ballet Soloist, Subject of PBS Emmy Award Winning Special "See Them Dance"

"Larkin Barnett’s books are changing the dance, Pilates, coaching and fitness industries by saving the lives and extending the careers of dancers, athletes, movement educators and fitness participants of all ages. I know her AthleticKinetics System© will continue to spread like wildfire to all markets making a difference in many lives."

– Deanna Forgione, Editor, Dance Magazine

"Larkin’s core and breathing Foundation Formula© using scientifically-based imagery and deep directional isometric abdominal contractions would make my mentors, movement theorists and pioneers of visual imagery Lulu Sweigard and Irmgard Bartenieff proud."

– Christine Clark O’Neill, Labanotator, Pilates Instructor

"The net effect of Larkin Barnett’s approach is a new, integrative adaptation of breathing strategies, from both an Eastern and a Western perspective. In her Foundation Formula Breathing© she describes the science of breathing with words and anatomy-based images of muscle groups for renewed core vitality and peaceful mental interludes. Larkin makes complex breathing concepts simple and practical for our busy lives – to change your life one conscious breath at a time."

– Dr. Gregory Loewen, Pulmonary Oncologist, Foreword "Practical Centering"

"A visually self-explanatory guide for the more intermediate/advanced athlete, dancer and Pilates’ student. Larkin’s multi-faceted understanding of gyrotonic and gyrokinesis are reflected in the body/mind transformational three-dimensional spiraling movements within AthleticKinetics."

– Sharon Browne, Pilates Coach

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Practical Centering

Nautilus Book Award Winner - Body Centering Category

"Practical Centering changes our lives one conscious breath at a time. The net effect of Larkin’s work is an integrative adaptation of breathing strategies, from both an eastern and a western tradition. The chakra model complements western understanding of how the body functions. Larkin teaches breathing like a dance teacher, with inspiration, humor, and artistry. To read her exercises is to be coached into a kind of centeredness where healing is possible."

- Dr. Greg Loewen, MD, Pulmonary Specialist

"Larkin presents an easy-to-read and follow set of exercises that combine visualization, breath and movement that can make a difference in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Her simple set of exercises can help one to relax, loosen up and bring life once again to our daily life. The trick is in her combining mind with visualization, spirit with one’s breath and body with movement to return us to wholeness which is our natural state of being."

- Dr. Robert Volkmann, MD

"For anyone on a mind, body, spirit journey, this flawlessly written book will help you reach your destination. Larkin gives the best explanation of the chakras that I have heard or seen in print. She has taken the mystery out of the chakras and made them practical! She has created a new movement-based chakra paradigm. The incredible colorful visual imagery makes it easy to follow and a joy to practice. Practical Centering certainly lives up to its title. Enjoy the benefits as your energy is increased and you soothe your spirit, becoming more emotionally balanced, mindful and mentally fit. Self massage and using your breathing muscles more efficiently improves your overall health by purifying the bloodstream and reducing toxic build-up. Breath training is essential for the brain, nerves, glands, and organs. The principles in this book will strengthen your body and decrease stress and factors related to premature aging. You learn quick ways to reduce muscular tension, mental sluggishness and emotional anxiety. Expect improvements in sleep patterns and complexion. This book transforms your body and colors your world. Enjoy your journey!"

- Jeannie Smith, L.M.P.

"Larkin’s insights into the mind-body connection are profound and very practical. I feel her book offers great hands-on techniques as well as insightful visualizations to encompass the whole person. I thoroughly enjoyed the easy-to-read and concise explanation of her life-changing routine. You can start small and have big results. I would highly recommend this book to those who are seeking to make great strides in their life."

- Brian W. Wright, Fitness Manager, Canyon Ranch

"While a young dancer struggling with stamina issues, Larkin’s life-altering realization of the importance of breathing properly could well have remained information simply applied to her own well-being. But instead, she has ever since been on a path dedicated to improving all of our lives through her inspired knowledge of strengthening both body and spirit."

- Steven Caras, Dancer, Photographer, Motivational Speaker and subject of the new PBS documentary, Steven Caras: See Them Dance

"Larkin has written a powerful book that has the potential to transform lives. As she explains, "health people understand that our minds play a critical role in our physical well-being…and that the power of our mind is the key to radiant health." The exercises can release the built up stress many experience in daily living and can assist in re-programming the mind/body connection to support optimal well-being."

- Valerie Lipstein, certified coach and consultant

"As a Pediatrician, I welcome Larkin’s exciting approach to lifelong health and well-being for adults. If we would also make these basic fun and colorful techniques available to our young impressionable children what a blessing it would be for them to have this tool to help meet the stresses that may arise in their lifetime."

- Dr. Sherrill Pratt, MD

Pratical Pilates Using Imagery with Miami City Ballet

"Larkin Barnett’s program offers simple, practical techniques to build and maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle – for even the busiest schedule."

- Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice-President of the Estee Lauder Companies

"Practical Pilates using Imagery is a new, fun, and simple approach to getting fit and living fit.."

- Duke of Marlborough

"Larkin Barnett could make a Pilates convert out of anyone. Her book, written and illustrated with clarity, depth, and humor, teaches the reader to inhabit his or her body with more comfort, freedom, and grace"

- Amy Fine Collins, Special Correspondant Vanity Fair Magazine

"Practical Pilates using Imagery will be in the libraries of every exercise physiologist, physical therapist, athlete, personal trainer, and exercise enthusiast. Its series of exercise and forms are the basis for healthy anatomical and physiological movement. I can say unequivocally that it is the ‘Bible’ of the 21st century with regard to sophisticated strength training…way, way, ahead of its time."

- Daniel Sullivan, Physical Therapist. Palm Beach Island, Florida

"Practical Pilates using Imagery provides a "fitness in a suitcase" approach. These exercises turn waiting in line (at the airport, grocery store, or at the coffee shop) into opportunities to become healthier. This allows people the convenience of using the exercises anywhere and anytime they choose without the aid of cumbersome props and equipment. This is the first commonsense handbook containing the extremely popular Pilates principles and exercises that can be done: sitting, standing, lying down, walking, and even in meetings, in traffic, or on flights. It offers a foundation of exercises that can be practiced ‘beyond the mat.’ Companies concerned with their employees’ well being and interested in increasing productivity can now utilize Larkin’s Desk Freedom Program™ to accomplish this goal."

- Roz Usheroff, Author and Leadership Trainer. Internationally Renowned Dance Photographer

"Practical Pilates using Imagery demonstrates the movement principles that are second nature to both Pilates and the art of dance. I commend dancer Larkin Barnett for her diligence and hard work in bringing this life changing information forward in a new and clear format. Her visual imagery shows how properly performed exercise can sculpt a toned, flexible body. Now the layperson can utilize the identical techniques a dancer depends upon for elevating energy and avoiding injury. She takes strengthening your center to a new level even for a highly trained dancer.
Larkin’s understanding of this, and her spirit and background in dance, makes her a natural to write about these techniques. Now that ‘runner’s high’ a dancer experiences is not reserved for dancers only. Dance and fitness make a powerful team through this succinct text, over 180 beautiful photographs, and 25 humorous illustrations. Finally an approach to Pilates that we won’t run from…afraid we won’t ‘get it’…but instead embrace it and improve our lives ten fold in the process."

- Steven Caras, Director of Development Miami City Ballet. Internationally Renowned Dance Photographer

"Practical Pilates using Imagery provides people with a pathway to understanding the fundamentals of Pilates through exercises and imagery not formerly available. These visualization exercises and the mind/body connection are the keys to effective physical training of any kind, as well as strengthening the body and its resilience to stress. Larkin Barnett’s new exercises presented with wonderful imagery would make movement theorists Lulu Sweigard and Irmgard Bartenieff proud. I can only imagine the number of Pilates instructors who will use this remarkable reference with their Pilates students. The larger audience of people ‘who have the desire but not the time’ or are too intimidated to take that first step into a class will be forever grateful for this book."

- Christine Clark O’Neill, Labanotator and Pilates Instructor

"Practical Pilates using Imagery explodes with new and easy information for mankind to create a stress-free lifestyle universally. Larkin Barnett is the foremost leading healer and holistic messenger of the twenty first century. This is a natural best seller and will be acclaimed worldwide. It is a must read and should be a reference in every household. Larkin Barnett brings her experience, knowledge, and insights as a dancer and movement therapist, to Practical Pilates using Imagery. It provides a new concept of incorporating essential alignment, breathing, and centering movement principles directly into any sport or lifestyle. What we did not learn with our ‘ABC’s’ as children we now have the opportunity to do as adults. Thanks to the ingenious work of Larkin Barnett, we finally have a handbook containing a Pilates lifestyle that is simple to follow and fun to do. Her enormous experience in working with professionals and laymen coupled with her extensive knowledge of the great movement innovators Joseph Pilates and Rudolf Laban, as well as her invaluable understanding in using creative visualization; she has brilliantly produced a book where we can effectively change our bodies, minds, and lives on a continual basis."

- Renee H. Morrison, Editor Avenue Magazine

"Throughout Practical Pilates using Imagery , text and photographs illustrate proper form for the stretches and strengthening exercises. In some cases, graphics illustrating a particular muscle set are linked with pictorial analogies that convey correct technique."

- David Rogers, Daily News Medical Staff Writer

"Practical Pilates using Imagery describes itself as 'The Ultimate Fitness Program for Life on the Run' and certainly lives up to its name. It is incredibly user friendly with clear directions and wonderful visuals. This is a thoughtful well laid out guide to fitness for the future of mankind to enjoy. Larkin Barnett's lecture and demonstration of some of the movement and theory behind her book held the audience rapt with attention. It was the highlight of our program this season. We are expanding our programs next season to include lecture series and workshops based on this splendid book."

- Molly Charland Director, The Society of The Four Arts Library. Palm Beach Island, Florida

"Practical Pilates using Imagery is written with easy to understand language that just makes sense, and easy to implement ‘mini workouts’ for all of us needing a simple but flexible ‘travel program’. As Larkin Barnett has so beautifully shown, Pilates is more than just an exercise regime, it is a way of life, and through this book we will all come to have a better one."

- Susan and Joe Santisi, Founders All-American Pilates Certification Inc

"I wish Practical Pilates using Imagery could be given to everyone graduating from college and going into the work world, or to continue their education. Every student of the 21st century will be motivated and inspired to do these exercises. Larkin Barnett has written a simple, concise exercise program requiring only time and a few old socks to participate. This book is the answer for today’s rushed, stress-fueled life. The set of desk exercises are particularly inspiring as is the idea that through these simple, movements, we can drink from the fountain of youth."

- Lisa Johnston, Associate Director, Sweet Briar College Library

"Practical Pilates using Imagery is going to bring about a revolution. The quest for a strong and freely moving body is a long and challenging journey. Larkin Barnett has given us a clearly written guide how to reach the destination. The universal appeal of these exercises lies in their ability to translate into many fields such as physical education, dance, and rehabilitation. Her scientific breakdown of movement initiation and follow through from the center of the body is ingenious."

- Eija Celli, Dance Historian, Professor

"Practical Pilates using Imagery sets the groundwork for Laban’s work to be a part of every Pilates practitioner’s literacy. Larkin Barnett’s simple introduction to spatial concepts requires intention and awareness on the part of the fitness participant. The individual is no longer just practicing the physical components of the exercise, but they can feel the more expressive aspects of a dancer in motion. Her insightful, scientific-based visual imagery provides precise ways of working with the body. This is a resource to help us live in our body with supple muscles and emotional calmness."

- Dr. Madeleine Singer, Author

"A clearly stated and visually self-explanatory guide for the more advanced athlete to the person just beginning their fitness regime. Practical Pilates using Imagery provides easy to implement and profound cues for teaching Pilates and physical fitness. Larkin's multifaceted understanding of gyrotonic and gyrokinesis are relfected in the three dimensional spiraling movement of the desk exercises, as well as the "foot massage" section that is incorporated in the warm-up in the gyrokinesis class. An all-around, user friendly very easy to follow fitness guide."

- Sharon Browne, Performance Trainer, Pilates Instructor

"Practical Pilates using Imagery is full of ‘ can do’ exercises for anywhere, anytime. That’s what our fast paced society needs…exercises on the go! It consists of useable text, guide boxes outlining exercises for life’s daily movements, and margins for taking notes."

- Lana Brown, Pilates Instructor

"If you want to enjoy a greater level of fitness and health - and you also have a LIFE - then Practical Pilates using Imagery is for you! This program is for everyone who wants to incorporate exercise into their life, whether to enhance their workout routine or to start on the journey to better health and greater movement. The book is creative, highly accessible, and fun! I especially like the book’s approach to practicing the principles of movement WITH everyday activities. Practical Pilates using Imagery is a convenient, fast, compelling program for anyone wanting a lifestyle in which fitness can finally come first. It contains simple yet highly effective three-dimensional exercises for a wide audience. Exercise is made fun and engaging, while increasing the benefit of the workout session through cutting-edge breathing techniques developed for universal fitness levels. Through the power of visual imagery and the effectiveness of essential principles of movement, exercise becomes an outlet for our bodies and our creative expression. You first practice the principles of movement with everyday activities. This prepares the body for success in your fitness workouts or favorite sport."

- Tricia Cristifulli, Writer

"No more excuses: Larkin Barnett's "Practical Pilates using Imagery" will fundamentally change the way we relate to our bodies, giving new meaning to the word, "exercise." In a brilliant stroke of genius, Ms. Barnett has made Pilates highly accessible to the everyday reader, providing us with basic movement fundamentals that can be integrated into our lives. A must for every sports club, athletic department, spa, and college dance department. As a holistic primer, "Practical Pilates using Imagery " will raise the level of awareness in our bodies as we move from our deepest core into civic space."

- Sarah Jo Skaggs, Dancer, choreographer, Sarah Skaggs Dance Company

"This book is a must read for Pilates students from beginners to advanced as well as for trainers. It is full of extremely creative imagery to help achieve great results by incorporating easy but effective moves into daily activity as well as developing the same principles for more advanced work. The illustrations are very clear and the photos of the dancers from the Miami City Ballet are an inspiration. All in all a really user-friendly book with principles that apply to many different sports and physical activities. "Practical Pilates using Imagery " takes people to a new level of body awareness changing a lifetime of postural habits. Anyone at any age or level of fitness can use these methods to make important physical changes and have alot of fun in the process."

- Jennifer Marcello

"Practical Pilates using Imagery provides a common sense approach to exercise. Having spent hours enslaved at my desk, I now turn to Practical Pilates using Imagery and with simple yet highly effective movements revive and revitalize myself right at my desk. The benefits of the desk exercises are increased through cutting edge breathing techniques. I am a new man!"

- R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr. Editor in Chief, The American Spectator

"Practical Pilates using Imagery can help anyone with a physical challenge. It helps improve muscle tone and the imagery lifts your spirits as well."

- Diane Crovo

"Practical Pilates using Imagery is a synthesis of a variety of dance and movement disciplines, which are accessible to the layperson, as well as the experienced dancer or elite athlete."

- Linda Murrow, Movement Therapist

"Practical Pilates using Imagery helped me to see key elements between breath, centering and exercise, which I had never understood before. It helps pull together an entire fitness program. This knowledge will be a part of my life forever."

- Erica Weinstein MD, Medical Director

"Practical Pilates using Imagery empowers you to achieve a strong core, as well as a centered, unified body."

- Jaye R. Phillips, Dance Photographer

"Larkin Barnett’s emphasis is on using balance, the body, gravity and relaxed breathing to find your center. She stresses using dynamic alignment, precision, and weight shifts to achieve physical, mental, and emotional harmony."

- City Sport Magazine, Boston, MA

"In Larkin Barnett’s choreography and teaching creative thinking and deep understanding of all aspects of dance and art in general are very evident in the clear movement language."

- Lappeenranta, Finland Press

"Larkin's Practical Pilates using Imagery will forever change the dance industry by saving the lives and careers of dancers. It will continue to spread like wildfire to all markets finally providing the layperson with a simple, fun understanding of proper body mechanics for a better quality of life."

- Deanne Forgione, Editor Dance Magazine

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"Larkin Barnett is an expert on functional training having written "Practical Pilates using Imagery " for adults. Now generations of children will benefit from the secrets to a healthy lifestyle through "On a Lark! Creative Movement for Children". Children substitute doing a fitness task or winning a race for learning to structure their own dances. It introduces children to the building blocks inherent in any movement arena. As a young girl, I visualized myself on the podium winning an Olympic gold medal for my country. Twenty-seven years later I found myself living that vision; that dream. I can only imagine the impact Ms. Barnett’s visual imagery will have upon encouraging children’s natural use of their imagination to dream big and live their best Olympic life."

- Dr. Dot Richardson, Vice Chair, President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports and 2-time Olympic Gold Medal Winner

"If children are to meet the national goal of 30 minutes of physical activity per day, the classroom teacher will need to help in the effort. "On a Lark!" is the answer. Most classroom teachers are not trained to teach movement, but this program provides all the necessary information for them to be successful. Children get to explore their movement possibilities, develop their creativity & confidence, and experience a safe workout. I would highly recommend "Creative Movement for Children" to physical education and classroom teachers, parents, daycare providers, fitness professionals, special-ed teachers and parents."

- Professor Anita D’Angelo, Exercise Science, Florida Atlantic University

"I can vouch for Ms. Barnett’s dedication to fitness for all ages as one who practices her "Practical Pilates using Imagery " program at home and work. "On a Lark!" helps teachers and parents get children to move. A summary of each chapter is designed to make fitness easy. I could not help but imagine how fun it would be to be a "fly on the wall" while watching the teacher and pupils create these masterpieces of movement literally anywhere there is an open space."

- Dr. Quentin Van Meter, Specialist Pediatric Endocrinology


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